Company Profile

Throughout the United States, PurgeRite delivers comprehensive services to ensure that hydronic and geothermal systems deliver designed performance, durability, and operation. PurgeRite provides peace of mind to Mechanical Contractors, Geothermal Installers, Mechanical Engineers, and Facility Owners by providing a means of quality assurance and certainty that their systems are prepared from startup. PurgeRite has the capability to perform on any size commercial project.

PurgeRite was founded in 2010 to address the needs of the geothermal industry. Systems are getting larger in size yet the standards have not changed since the 1980’s. Through independent testing with our custom designed and built units, we determined that the standard of 2 ft/sec would remove air but not most construction debris. We have won repeated business with our customer base which is a testament to our service model. PurgeRite is often featured in engineering specifications because this lowers the risks of the system not performing as it should.

Several years ago PurgeRite was called upon to flush hydronic chill water pipes on a large corporate facility in Houston. After the success of this project we interviewed large commercial mechanicals and found that flushing was often a hassle and had expense creep due to arduous rental agreements. PurgeRite set out to design and construct a large self-contained flush unit and began pursuing mechanical commercial projects in January of 2015.

The Benefits

  • Our staff has extensive experience in providing flushing and purging services for both small and on some of the largest systems in the United States. We have deployed single and multiple pump configurations and flushed up to 36” mains.
  • Eliminate Rental Cost Creep
  • Professional Approach & Assured Quality
  • Specialized Equipment, Personnel & Processes
  • Leading Experienced Staff
  • Professional Equipment
  • No Air, No Solids, No Contaminants, No Loop Locks & No Call Backs
  • Project Checks & Balances
  • Third Party Verifications
  • Chemical Experience