PurgeRite in the News

Introducing the Next Level in Professional Mechanical Flushing

Houston, Texas — PurgeRite has successfully launched it’s “601” unit. This self-contained flush unit, successfully completed a project for a major Oil Company HQ in Houston by flushing their new chilled water plant.

Built to reduce the setup time and costs on projects, this unit was designed from our field experience and the input we have received from mechanical firms. The “601” houses a 6,500 gpm attenuated diesel pump, with filtration capability of 1 micron. It has multiple safety features including a fuel spill retention tray, safety hand rails and lighting, so it can adapt to any project site at any time of day.

Flow rates, temperature, and pressure can be monitored with the on-board electromagnetic flow meter and additional sensors. The unit is capable of being connected in a variety of configurations to other subcomponents depending on the field requirements.

The “601” unit is capable of meeting the high volume and velocity required on many large commercial and industrial projects.

Eliminate the problem of increased rental costs, lost project time and hassle! Our general services include:

  • Pre-flush site visit & meeting with on-site project managers
  • Flush planning and VE options, when available
  • Flushing of any hydronic pipe at specified ft/sec velocities
  • 3rd party representation for mechanicals
  • Chemical pricing available
  • Chemical passivation, monitoring and inhibitors, as required
  • Hoses or hard pipe custom connections
  • Final report
  • Flat rate pricing
  • No job too small or large, with units ranging from 200 to 6,500 gpm

Let us help you with your next project! We welcome bid opportunities. For more information, please contact Russell Buras at russell@purgerite.com or 713.702.9312.