Geothermal Services

Click to enlargeIt is critical that geothermal systems are flushed of all contaminants, such as soil and rocks, construction debris, HDPE shavings and other miscellaneous foreign materiala. It also critical that systems are purged of all air to ensure optimal, designed performance.

Our staff has extensive experience in providing flushing and purging services for both small and on some of the largest systems geothermal systems in the U.S. We have deployed single and multiple pump configurations and flushed up to 36” mains.

  • Design Consultation
  • Estimation
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Professional Approach
  • Specialized Equipment, Personnel & Processes
  • Leading Experienced Staff
  • Professional Equipment
  • No Air, No Solids, No Contaminants, No Loop Locks & No Call Backs
  • Assured Quality
  • Project Checks & Balances
  • Third Party Verifications
  • Chemical & Softener Application
  • Pressurizing & Sealing
  • Documented Times & Flow Rates
  • Detailed Summary of Work
  • Pictures of Debris Removed

Seeing is Believing

2 feet per second is not enough. IGSHPA standard velocity slowly moves air, but it is not sufficient for moving solids contained in geothermal exchangers. Contaminants such as typical jobsite debris, soil, rocks, and other construction materials require up to 6 feet per second for removal from the system.

With experience in all sizes of geothermal projects, PurgeRite's flushing and purging services guarantee the economical and hassle-free movement of solids. Seeing is believing. Check out our video to learn more.

Watch the Seeing is Believing Video

Professional Services

  • Flushing & Purging Design Consultation
  • Pre Flush Meetings
  • Flush Plans
  • Value Engineering
  • Documentation
  • Third Party Credibility

Project Services

  • System Fill
  • System Pressure Testing
  • Quality Control Cleaning
  • Flushing of Contaminants
  • Passivation
  • Chemical Application
  • Chemical Samples
  • Chemical Pot Feeders
  • Chemical Service Contracts
  • Softener Application
  • Pressurizing & Sealing
  • Third Party Verification
  • Temporary Hose & HDPE Pipe Connections
  • HDPE Manifolds
  • High Volume Filtration to 1 micron
  • Air Separation
  • Custom Configurations