Purge Rite features classes of flush and purge units necessary to meet our industry leading standards, processes, and specifications for any size project. Our fleet consists of equipment such as:

Class I Up to 1.5 inch diameter mains Residential
Class II Up to 3 inch diameter mains Light Commercial
Class III Up to 6 inch diameter mains Commercial
Class IV Up to 14 inch diameter mains Large Commercial
Class VI Up to 36 inch diameter mains Industrial & Large Commercial

*Custom setups to service any size

Our Fleet

At Purge Rite, we customize and combine our fleet capabilities to handle any size project, including requirements of 42 inch diameter mains. No project is too small or too large. Contact us to discuss your needs or simply complete our Online Request Form to determine the right equipment to meet your needs. At Purge Rite, we have you covered from typical residential to the largest commercial project.
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Flow Rate Verification
All of our equipment has on board electromagnetic flow meters that accurately measure the flow in gallons per minute. From the gallons per minute, we calculate the velocity in feet per second in each size of pipe being circulated. The meters are well maintained and calibrated as needed. All work is documented.
Operating Pressure Verification
All of our units are equipped with pressure gauges on both the supply and return sides, which allow us to verify the pressure required to circulate the system in both directions, and verify the operating pressure set on the field.

Our standard is to clean systems with 100 micron filters to ensure long-term cleanliness. Our team can filter to any level required, down to one micron.

Chemical Introduction | Glycol & Inhibitors | Passivation
Purge Rite’s introduction of chemicals ensures no air or debris is added during this process and Purge Rite is able to guarantee the flush and purge process of the entire mechanical system. Purge Rite is capable of injecting additives from barrel or tanker containers.  In addition, Purge Rite offers dilution capability, including softening the dilution water to prolong the life of additives. Purge Rite’s guarantee or assurance offer is void if system is breached, without notification, for any reason after completion of services.

Professional Services

  • Flushing & Purging Design Consultation
  • Pre Flush Meetings
  • Flush Plans
  • Value Engineering
  • Documentation
  • Third Party Credibility

Project Services

  • System Fill
  • System Pressure Testing
  • Quality Control Cleaning
  • Flushing of Contaminants
  • Passivation
  • Chemical Application
  • Chemical Samples
  • Chemical Pot Feeders
  • Chemical Service Contracts
  • Softener Application
  • Pressurizing & Sealing
  • Third Party Verification
  • Temporary Hose & HDPE Pipe Connections
  • HDPE Manifolds
  • High Volume Filtration to 1 micron
  • Air Separation
  • Custom Configurations